27 March, 2010

Domain giants with the Rules of stifling Getting China

Domain giants with the Rules of stifling Getting China Google seems to have become a martyr for Internet freedom struggle in China. After the Internet giant's back, a leading Internet domain name company joined blockis bamboo curtain country. GoDaddy Group (GoDaddy.com), domain name registration company the world's largest Internet, go chills with the government imposed policy of China. American companies are choosing to no longer offer the potential next.cn domain name register since asked for detailed information about the registran him. China rules mention, anyone who registered domain.cn, must surrender of personal data and personal photos. Previously applicants were required to submit all the information themselves, but not until much detail as is the government of China today. Steps were taken to improve the government of China will control the site content content. Not only that, China is also threatening to "terminate" domain.cn history if they do not want to submit the requested information. GoDaddy itself has "maintain" as many as 40 million domain names under management. The company claims will continue to serve customers who use domain.cn long, but for the future of China is a special domain name will no longer offered. "We are concerned about security of each individual at the request of China's," said Christine Jones representing the Go Daddy Group, such as After Google and Go Daddy, who's next?

24 March, 2010

Avira antivirus latest 10 March-24-2010

Avira AntiVir Shown with 10New fasilats Avira AntiVir Version 10 now available for download. In addition to reorganize the display, a German antivirus company is also present with the latest security stance. At this launch not only the user can feel free antivirus with Avira AntiVir Personal, but also Avira AntiVir Professional, and Avira Premium Security Suite. Users will be able to join the community Avira, and send samples to a dangerous foreign file further investigation, "said Dirk Knop, Avira Technical Editor, as quoted in the latest version of Avira AntiVir has a new feature that allows the ability Generic Repair. With these capabilities, Avira not only remove viruses, trojans or malware, but also repair damage caused by malware. With a new look, the installation process only runs with just three clicks, "added Dirk. In addition to these two features, Avira also has parental control features that should be used by parents, to monitor the activities of their children on the internet. Interested users can download third - Avira AntiVir Personal -Avira Premium Security Suite -Avira AntiVir Professional 10 Own search link ya! digoogle search must be a lot to see..: D Good looking

20 March, 2010

Google and bing

Bing search engine Microsoft's increasingly shows the output in order to compete with Google. During nine months in a row, Bing continued to increase market success in the United States. Based on recent data from comScore, market share Bing became 11.5 percent in February, up from 11.3 percent rate in January. This is the ninth month climbed Bing position. Meanwhile, Microsoft's new partner in the search field, Yahoo, has decreased. Their market share fell to 16.8 percent from the previous 17 percent. Another search engine, Ask. com and AOL each pocketed 3.7percent and 2.5 percent of the market. However, Google's performance was still impressive. They are still very dominant with a market share of 65.5 percent from 65.4 percent previously. Microsoft did make Bing to undermine Google. Even as Microsoft held a campaign worth U.S. $ 100 million to advertise Bing. Although still very much in comparison with Google, increasing market share Bing continuously indicates that search engines are starting to accept the public
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14 March, 2010

Google new service

This is the expected waiting the blogger users for years, finally reached the time where bloggers also launched the easiest way for users to design their own templates online that are planted directly on the dashboard page. The new news I received from blogger in draft, of course, brings fresh air to make a difficult custom to display their blogs in order to appear more attractive and different. In addition to adding new features to the template designer, blogger is also happy to provide 15 new template options. There is also available layout options ranging from 1-3 colom colom options that can peer directly choose. And the more fun, hundreds of bloggers also provides background and some ready-made patterns. To be able to try this service, because it is still in the testing phase, as usual peer must login through the draft bloggers at this address
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09 March, 2010

How to use google trends to get 10-1000 visitors every day

There is a big secret behind the Google Trends. Which became one of the center increased traffic. A blog that t does not update with traffic up to 10people in one day, I try to switch back to this using Google Trends. Result blog traffic increased from 500 to 1000 visitors a day. if you know how to use Google Trends, has no traffic to thousands of empty dreams. Interested in trying? Google Trends has a collection of the most common keywords searched for USA visitors is ongoing. So that often appear on Google Trends is a keyword that is always changing according to what was a lot of time looking for people today. Keywords that appear this to your advantage in the post in your blog. Especially keywords that have a picture of traffic increase, because these keywords describe the rising-up search is seeking the information. After the post the article, do not forget to reinforce the letter keyword. Furthermore submit the post URL to social bookmarking. To gain more traffic, try posting an article more than 5 posts in 1 day, with a fixed target keywords that again hot on Google Trends.
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04 March, 2010

Google's version of a translation in your browser google Chrome

Chrome Presents New Version Site Translations Google just released the latest version of the browser, it presents the latest Chrome.browser translator tools and improve privacy controls. With this beta feature, users can view sites they visit in a particular language. So the opportunity to visit sites with foreign language easier. Google Chrome asks whether you want the page translated. The goal is to make all information in the world can be more easily accepted by Wieland said Holfelder, engineering director at Google Munich Indeed the translation results are shown less than perfect. More can allow a user in accessing the information on the sites he visited. In addition Google has also increased by adding privacy controls section'Privacy 'on Chrome's Options dialog so that users can manage cookies, images, JavaScript, plug-ins and pop-ups on the site.. Brief info search download link itself: p