30 October, 2010

Increase Google Page Rank And Alexa Page Rank

What is Google Page Rank?

Google Page Rank as Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, said it is an apparatus advised to allocate sites that are indexed by the Google seek engine. Page rank can ambit from 0-10, 0 is the everyman annual accessible for a site, while 10 is the greatest. The bigger the page rank of a website with both accepting a greater amount of visitors. A page rank grater again 2 is ok, page rank over 4 is excellent!

Ok, now you apperceive what is Google Page Rank. But how absolutely is it calculated?

Google uses a actual complicated algebraic blueprint to actuate the rank of a page.

When Google evaluates a site, demography into annual several factors. The aboriginal is the accepted blueprint of the website and how is it complete. Google do not like sending the seek engine to map abridged websites, you should alone forward your website map if it is absolutely finished.

The additional above agency is the use of keywords. Google favors sites with acceptable use of keywords. They like a keyword body of 5-7%. Another important agency are the alien links. Google loves if added sites forward backlinks to your website. Another important agency is how about your website is updated. Google hates old sites, so be abiding to amend your website actual often. All these factors are the base of what is alleged Google Page Rank.

What is http://www.pilasun.com/2010/10/about-alexa-and-improve-your-alexa.htmlalexa Rank?

Alexa rank ranges from 1 to 1 billion, or even more, depending on the amount of absolute sites. Each website begin on the Internet is included in the Alexa network, so you're basically aggressive with everyone. The capital ambition is to accept a rank as top (usually 1-700.000 is advised a acceptable ranking). You can acquisition your Alexa rank anon accessing Alexa.com and analytic for your website.

How can I access Google Page Rank?

The acceptable affair about Google Page Rank is that it can be bigger absolutely easily. Apply the afterward suggestions to advance your rank:

1. Create a website that is optimized for seek engines. Your website should be abounding of superior agreeable and your capital keywords. Try to ability a keyword body of 3-5% and accomplish abiding that all keywords and agreeable are in band with goal.

2. Use able appellation and meta tags. One of the important factors in seek engine enhancement is the titles and meta tags. If you use them accomplish abiding the appellation is adapted to your website and META tags are anecdotic your website actual well.

3. Submit your website map to Google. Do this alone if the website is complete.

How can I access Alexa rank?

To advance your Alexa rank you charge to advance your cartage accustomed by your site. There are abounding programs on the net who affirmation they can advance your Alexa rank, but about they are not able and may do added abuse than acceptable in agreement of rank your site. Do not try to annals your website to 300,000 seek engines, it's the affliction affair you can do!


  1. Great tips to advance both PR and Alexa rankings. We'll see how it goes. Thanks

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