17 February, 2010

Obama for president, account manager of its social networking site

Barack Obama President known to be close to social media during the campaign period he was president, with the number of networks that have been followed for the campaign, Obama needs a social networking addict working ethos to administer the account, his account. Democratic National Committee announced this vacancy on my.barackobama.com site. The position offered was tempting, namely as Social Networks Manager. This position will serve to manage the accounts for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other accounts. Working in conjunction with the New Media department, this position plays an important role in the agenda of the President. Challenged? Meet the qualifications set by the Democratic Party. Among them is that he must be a Facebooker, Twitter and MySpace users true, able to work under pressure and deadlines, and who would want to be placed in Washington, is open DC.lowongan since the previous position holder, ie, Mia Cambronero had resigned. Obama's own Twitter account has now encompass much more than 3 million follower. Facebook fans were nearly 7.5 million. True Facebooker Who will be selected? We'll wait.

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  1. woooo ternyata obama punya acount juga ya...thank buat infonya kawann