18 February, 2010

World Cup in 2010 in south africa

FIFA appointed South Africa to host the 2010 World Cup, when the black continent will suck the rest of the world, As a country that is famous for its "Safari" World Cup in South Afrik offers exceptional value for the material and quality travel experience, combined with the depth and breadth of activities and attractions that followed, in addition of course to hold a football-flavored party. To welcome the millions of people, 80 thousand Euro preparing class rooms so that more than enough to cover the needs of the requested FIFA 55 thousand rooms. For the first time in history, FIFA is not a hotel accommodation contract, such as national parks, bed, cabin and guest house (guest house). For the first time, agencies of micro, small and medium enterprises will be appointed as the FIFA accommodation provider. This then opens business opportunities, particularly for the emerging entrepreneurs, so that the local tourism industry will grow. The existence of places where new recreational and sports facilities in urban multi-branch will benefit all parties. Before the area was built, many people could take employment in the field of infrastructure development and telecommunications networks throughout the country. Ten stadiums set for the World Cup. Six of them newly built and world-class, while four others are decorated in such a way. The existence of the stadium will certainly continue to stimulate the regional economy and opened up many job opportunities that will continue to exist until after the party was over football. 2010 World Cup South Africa has an official slogan, Ke nako - Celebrate Africa's Humanity -, defined by 'This is the time - Celebrate Humanity good Africa'. It's time for South Africa to change the perception of the world that they can hold a tremendous football

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